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TIL - a thing called exists and cljdoc supports it. As a noob, I’m curious to learn more how this is used by cljdoc users. Is is just from their browsers?

Cora (she/her)21:04:08

trying to figure out if this would be useful to in-docset (not sure the word here but it's the docs for a group+artifact+version) search

Cora (she/her)21:04:27

I'm thinking not?


Ah yes. We should come up with some user-meaningful terms for server-side vs client-side searching, if that’s what you are getting at? I’m gonna guess the term “docset” comes from maybe I’d not heard it before my time on cljdoc.

Cora (she/her)23:04:37

I'm not sure I've just seen it in cljdoc

Cora (she/her)23:04:17

but it makes sense for me as a term for a specific package version's docs as a whole

Cora (she/her)23:04:50

in my branch I've been calling the docset that's been split up for easier searching a searchset


I think it might have let our geek-speak slip through to the user? Or maybe not, if it is a meaningful term…

Cora (she/her)23:04:17

I'm good with these definitions, and I think they make sense? ¯\(ツ)


We don’t want to imply that the server side search also searches within docs. Nor do we want to imply that the client side search finds libraries. Hmmm… Maybe “libraries search” vs “in-doc search”?

Cora (she/her)23:04:42

package search?


Well we’d both never heard of a docset prior to cljdoc, so… I dunno. But if we define the term I think it’d be fine.


What’s a package to a Clojure dev tho?

Cora (she/her)23:04:04

a library... hmm

Cora (she/her)23:04:34

it's sort of a library finder


Naming, eh? simple_smile

Cora (she/her)23:04:09

libraries search works for now


Yeah, I think library is better than jar only because we’d like to search more than just jars. (source-based libs someday).

Cora (she/her)23:04:42

maybe libraries search vs doc search


I like libraries search cause it describes the target your are searching.

Cora (she/her)23:04:08

I'm on-board with that

Cora (she/her)23:04:21

maybe your initial impulse was right

Cora (she/her)23:04:34

or in-library search?

Cora (she/her)23:04:31

I do really like docset

Cora (she/her)23:04:43

and I'd be ok with introducing that language to users


hmm… once we’ve found our library, we are now searching within its docs.


or docset, if you please


So “in-docset search”?

Cora (she/her)23:04:22

we can call it a docker troll

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Java calls their API docs javadocs


I think maybe “in-doc” “in-docset” might be ok?

Cora (she/her)23:04:49

i'm good with that


I think we need something like the “in-” to stress we are only searching within


But not sure if it does the job, really, as a user I might assume I am searching in all docsets. I think our shorthands are good, but a little text might help in the UI.

Cora (she/her)23:04:00

we really need a term for group + artifact + version


That is technically sometimes called a coordinate


oh ya, that.

Cora (she/her)23:04:13

but a coordinate is a location of a thing but not the actual thing


It points to a release

Cora (she/her)23:04:51

single docset search


Yah, that’s good. Conveys it all.

Cora (she/her)23:04:24

and I googled and docset is in use by dash but also by doxygen


Yeah, me too!

Cora (she/her)23:04:43

seems like conceptually this is a thing we can use

Cora (she/her)23:04:09

also calling it single docset search leaves us open for later having multi-docset search

Cora (she/her)23:04:25

the wording still works, I mean


Yeah, and I think “libraries search” works nicely still.

Cora (she/her)23:04:33

and it leaves it open to further search enhancements for finding libraries

Cora (she/her)23:04:42

instead of like coordinate search or something

Cora (she/her)23:04:46

that would be limited

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I’m thinking maybe we should summarize this in a git issue? For posterity. And with action item of updating any user-facing docs and ui.

Cora (she/her)23:04:49

soonest I could do that is tomorrow tho

Cora (she/her)23:04:01

unless you have time


Coolio. I can do now. You can edit/comment later if you like.


My pleasure. And as always, a pleasure chatting/working with you @corasaurus-hex!

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Cora (she/her)23:04:07

and likewise 💜

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