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Hi! I was away from this chat for a while, but now i'm back 😄


@ikitommi i have read your messages about promesa in the history, and yes, promesa has some overhead on top of plain completabe future, just for make it behave in the same way as clojure.core/future (being aware of current dynamic scope and preserve it on the execution of the chained computation...


Additionally, in 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT, a map', mapcat' and bind' variants are coming in jvm, that does not dispatches on all computations (uses thenApply instead of thenApplyAsync ...)


I've been thinking about removing the dynamic scope awareness, and delegate it to user if he need it... but i'm still undecided...


with my journeys with Scala futures, the implicit executor was always a mess. 👍:skin-tone-2: For explicit config.

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meanwhile, @mpenet did a small wrapper for Java's CP too, Not targetting js thou.


hmm auspex looks very similar to the promesa... i think that removing the dynamic scope handling will do absolutelly the same with a very similar api..


bumped promesa 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT with latest master, includes improvements on the execution model and removing the dynamic binding handling


more details on the changelog and the doc/content.adoc


with that changes, i think the overhead over plain completable future usage will be very small... (i will do some microbenchmark later)