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@geraldodev Some Bing searching seems to suggest that if you add :ResultSetMetadataOptions "1" to the db-spec you use to create your datasource with Oracle, it may cause it to return table names (I'm unable to test that of course). Further Bing searching seems to confirm Oracle doesn't support that either (but it does affect how some other database driver behave, apparently).


FYI (see the commit there for the doc changes I made in response to this).


Has anyone tested the mysql X Protocol?

seancorfield04:09:31 This? Seems to be only relevant to folks creating new connectors? Given that there's a solid JDBC connection already, I don't know why anyone on the JVM would care about the X Protocol...?


(despite my dismissiveness, if someone wants to expend the huge amount of time and effort to build a native Clojure X Protocol connector, they would definitely get my kudos and admiration but I can't imagine switching my production codebase away from MySQL's official JDBC driver)


I'm using it through java iterop but I really want to create a native version


Hey @seancorfield that's the one. But it's not just the connection. This feature allow us to use MySQL as a Document Storage data base with the ACID features and MySQL SQL constraints.