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Marcus Vieira19:09:59

hi everyone 👋 how would I go about reseting the data inside datomic after each test block is performed?


use a new database, has some stuff to make this efficient

Marcus Vieira12:09:27

I’ll take a look, thanks a lot!


I'm trying to find any sort of documentation on how to run locally running tests against code that (in production) will run against Datomic Cloud. Does anyone know of any? datomic-free can be spun up easily enough of course but connecting to that and querying it uses a different client library (`datomic.api` from com.datomic/datomic-free) to that used for Datomic Cloud (`datomic.client.api` from com.datomic/client-cloud).


Ideally I just want to spin up datomic-free in-memory and then connect to it from the cloud client.


The code for datomic.client.api/client does mention that :local is a valid :server-type. However, there's no mention of it or what config to pass it in the docstring for the function (nor anywhere else I can find). Also, the code for local server type refers to an artifact that I can't find anywhere: com.datomic/client-impl-local.


We’ve been using this for a while now and it gets the job done


Thanks @U083D6HK9, that looks interesting.