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@cfleming In old versions of Cursive, I could eval s-exp in scratch files (IDEA: File -> New -> New Scratch file.). In current version (1.9.0-SNAPSHOT1-2019.2) scratch clj files in IDEA are not recoginezed as clj files, so I can't eval any expressions.


Is there any settings to allow eval in scratch files?

Space Guy09:09:39

In a deps.edn project, files under alias dev {:extra-paths ["dev"]} are saying "is not under a source root" even though I've added the alias under "aliases to enable by default". If I press "add source root", it works temporarily, but the popup comes back after I restart the editor


hm! i’ve seen this problem too. I didn’t figure out how to fix it.


did the same as you - added the aliases with extra paths to the clojure invocation options


“Aliases to enable by default” just chooses which of those should be automatically selected for new projects.

Space Guy10:09:59

Great, thanks - that one works for me


@mike1452 I think that should work - I’ll try to repro that tomorrow.


@cfleming ha, it works. for some reason scratch.clj file wasn't recognized as Clojure file. After I delete it and re created everything looks good.

Kari Marttila17:09:09

I have IntelliJ IDEA v. 2019.1.4. When I tried to upgrade to v. 2019.2.1 a few weeks ago there were some issues with the Cursive plugin. Now there is the new IntelliJ version 2019.2.2. available - is it safe to upgrade to that version with Cursive?


@mike1452 Yes, when you create the scratch file, you have to explicitly say you want a Clojure one - I don’t think it’s picked up automatically from the extension.


@kari.marttila There are still problems with deps support. I had hoped to get an EAP out by now with the new support, but I got distracted with a couple of other things - it should be out shortly.


@rarous Sorry, I forgot to follow up on that issue - the DialogWrapper problem is fixed in 2019.2.3, which is in EAP now.

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