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got an interesting question relating to alet @niwinz @dialelo - #C073DKH9P is looking to improve its subscriptions, which are basically sugar over #C0620C0C8 reactions... as far as i can see composing reactions could be done very neatly with alet


this would make tracing difficult though - -fmap and -fapply would create new reactions with anonymous functions - i'm wondering if there is some way of passing alet binding information down to -fmap and -fapply so that the implementation could name the functions used in the reactions sensibly and make tracing easier


IMHO, I'm not clearly understand how that are related 😞


re-frame is too much complex for understand for me


fmap fapply is a generic approach, and I think that if reframe needs something similar but more specialized, it should learn from generic implementation and implement a specific one.


it's really only about tracing - in this case the fmap and fapply implementations will produce anonymous functions - if we could name those functions according to the alet binding steps/batches they relate to then tracing would be much better