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AJ Snow20:01:47

in the fulcro template repo it says it'll demo running a process for production at a later time. does fulcro do anything different for making a release build? if not, would questions about release builds belong in the shadow-cljs channel maybe?


So, the shadow release builds are pretty trivial, so there’s not much to say. The server-side stuff centers around things like the config file support, which can be included in the JAR or just put on filesystem (startup supports setting -Dconfig=/abs/path/config.edn so you can deploy to a server that has a local config, for example. The other thing I mean by “production” is a bit of a misnomer. What I mean is “commercial” operation, where you need CI, deployment strategy, etc. The template has setup for CI practically in place, workspaces for development, etc. So, instead of it just being a bare-bones “make something appear” it has a lot of setup that usually takes days of dev.

AJ Snow21:01:45

ok, thank you!