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Any org guru's here. How do I store a search for a TODO like SOMEDAY and the abscence of a a tag like @office? I can see the string I want +TODO="SOMEDAY"&[email protected] in the manual but don't know to put it in the org-agenda-custom commands.


Wll try tags-tree one more attempt here


Ok figured it need to escape quotes and just tags. ("ru" "Review Next Unused 9" tags "-use+TODO=\"NEXT\"")


Hi. Does anyone using plantuml mode can tell the flow he uses ? I have difficulties to understand how preview are sent in which buffer. Personnaly I have more and more buffer opening each time I launch a preview. As the focus stay in the source buffer it is uneasy to close preview buffer.


Previously when I have used plantUML, I use it in a org-mode src block and I don't actually have any pop ups. Not the most ideal workflow but I will make changes, and sometime open a window with the png file. If i want to see changes I do a revert-buffer


a block like

#+begin_src plantuml :file usecase.png
       left to right direction
       actor Switch

       Switch -- (Send Message to Subscriber)
       (Send Message to Subscriber) -- (Send Ringtone) : <<includes>>
       (Send Message to Subscriber) -- (Send Dialtone) : <<includes>>
       (Send Message to Subscriber) -- (Send Busytone) : <<includes>>



@UUSQHP535, I'll try this, the only point is that your file is not a valid plantuml file. Is there a way to refer to a real plantuml file?


@U018QDQGZ9Q oh it isnt? I'm not too sure about this. Did you explore the readme of plantuml-mode?


If you want the plantuml file generated from the code as well I belive you are looking to have :tangle yes in the options


Otherwise I'm not too sure ^ but you can probably look at this