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Greg Rynkowski08:01:15

Hi everyone, What do you think about using Serverless Framework with Clojure/ClojureScript? Good idea, bad idea? What kind of setup would you go forward if you had new lambda projects and wanted to develop them with Clojure/REPL experience?

AJ Jaro15:01:42

I don’t have a ton of experience here, but I’d definitely be concerned about AWS Lambda costs for that route. I think it’s handy for little things though. One challenge I haven’t yet addressed (newb) is working on version control here

AJ Jaro15:01:15

I realize that is not totally answering your question, however this channel has been pretty dead so I didn’t want you to feel ignored.


I have dabbled with Serverless Framework using CLJ and I have two little projects online with SLS + CLJS. Next I’d like to try Babashka on Lambda, but haven’t had time yet. Both CLJ and CLJS have been good experiences. My serverless projects tend to be small (by design) and so is the amount of code.. With so little code it’s pretty much the same if it’s JavaScript, Python, ClojureScript or whatever. But the REPL experience is nice to have nevertheless. If you go CLJS, I can warmly recommend Shadow-CLJS for “no surprises” integration with npm. Here’s a small example project with very simple setup

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I tried also this a couple of years ago and it worked well at least back then

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