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looking at :pre-merge example… should the function return normalized or denormalized entity data ?


I am currently trying this as my form component’s pre-merge

(defn form-pre-merge [class {:keys [data-tree current-normalized] :as p}]
  (merge current-normalized
         (fs/add-form-config data-tree class)))
and it seems to end up with non-normalized form config in the state, which causes an error


it can return both


denormalized data with queries will continue the normalization process


how does one return denormalized data with queries?


ah I see by source that it requires denormalized data and that the reason why it’s not normalizing my form config is that it is not part of the load! query


but you say that I can return data with a different query attached? It currently looks like I cannot add ui-centric properties in pre-merge if they require normalization


Not sure if anyone else has been trying to work this out, but got a half decent way of getting consistent sessions over http and websockets… It’s pretty straightforward…

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I’m trying to understand Dynamic Routing. And while the concepts are pretty straightforward. Something about the API isn’t clicking. I’ve tried to layout what I’ve done. While I crawl through this some more, is there anything obvious I’m missing?