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Added support for stdin to the develop branch.


The stdin thing for nREPL seems a little broken though, so if you connect to a fresh server it won't work and if you're reconnecting to an existing session it won't work. If you want to use stdin prompting you need to create a fresh session upon connect. You can kill all sessions and assume a fresh one with <localleader>sQ, then if you eval (read-line) Neovim will prompt you for a line of text.

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Issue for stdin bug here when that's fixed it should work flawlessly but it can be worked around for now.


tried out develop branch today (connected to nrepl/clojure) - Pretty printing looks great - Love how doc supports java too, would be cool to be able to optionally send the url it generates to an arbitrary vim function so I can make it open my web browser


keep it up, looking great!


oh man, being able to press a couple of keys and view javadocs would be excellent


i can't tell you how many times i've been working with some obscure java class and had to keep referring back to the javadoc, but only after i'd already closed the browser window, so i have to google the name of it over and over


Hmmm, I'll have a think :thinking_face: right now I just hit K on the Java thing then click the link in the log buffer


I suppose some sort of hook could be provided, but I wouldn't want it to be one off, it becomes something like an event system anyone can hook into which is suddenly a big ol ball of features.


Probably good, but would take time.


So maybe I'll consider some sort of event (like autocmd?) system for Conjure clients.


Adding to my todo list of future ideas!


having the signature and link is a great place to be


yes, future


The link wasn't working on my specific version of Java, but apparently that bug has been fixed in orchard.


Yay! We benefit from orchard bug fixes now!


Going to try and give back by contributing to nREPL and stuff too. Got some fixes I want to get in at some point around sessions as well as piggieback's handling of stdout.

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