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Anyone know of a way to use different themes on different frames? spc T n switches the theme of every frame.

eccentric J22:04:34

Created a quick layer for the recently released Anakondo library if anyone's interested I wasn't sure how to best distribute the actual anakondo library, so I added instructions to clone the lib into the <layer>/local/ folder. Is there a better way if the library hasn't been published on MELPA yet?


Hum, there is like el-get and straight.el that could be used I believe to declare dependencies on git which they can pull directly


But I'm planning to have it in Melpa soon enough and then I thought I'd just add it to the Clojure layer in Spacemacs


@U0K064KQV Would be great to add Anakondo to the Clojure layer as a layer variable. Happy to test if needed. Thanks.

eccentric J12:04:53

Cool! I'll look into leveraging el-get and\or straight.el for learning purposes. I intend to update it once it's published to MELPA, then deprecate it and link to the clojure layer variable when it's merged in.

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eccentric J13:04:28

Learned about the github recipe for layers from and updated my repo after testing it. Now people just have to clone the layer and reload spacemacs and they’re good to go.


Oh neat, I didn't know Spacemacs had a git recipe like that


Pretty cool

eccentric J21:04:00

💯 It really makes it easy to distribute pre-release layers or packages. Out of curiosity I just found out it can be plugged in directly to the dotspacemacs-additional-packages var