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Announcing the first release of Anakondo! An Emacs Clojure[Script] minor mode powered by clj-kondo. It lets you have auto-complete of Clojure buffers even without a connected REPL!

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This is quite interesting, but more than completion, what I'm really in need of is find-usages. basically the inverse of


Now, if this could be made recursive as well, so one could click up the usage-tree of a fn...

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tried it and just drooling over what more could be done with this approach 🙂


@U04V5VAUN I have that in the roadmap. Should be doable. From clj-kondo, I get the list of all Vars defined in the entire project with the filename, row and col they are in. So I think it's just about hooking it up to Emacs.


Attempted to create a spacemacs layer to make it easier for users to setup.


Arrudeia new release v0.1.0-0.7.0 • Compute valid interleavings as data, then you can use them at tests • Added #ar/->* tagged literal so you can put it directly above a form (defn-like forms) • Create macros for your thread-first macro (e.g. for cats.core/->=, you can do (thread-first-macro-builder "m->=" 'cats.core/->=) and you would have a m->= macro ready to be used and compatible with Arrudeia, a ...-reader function also is created to be used with your own custom tagged literal) • Do @t1 on your created process so it runs until completion • Added ARRUDEIA_DISABLE_MACROS, you should use it to tell Arrudeia to not generate its macro code and create "normal" code instead

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Tamizhvendan S17:04:55

GraphQLize Update (#2) - Supports Sorting, Filtering & MySQL Boolean Types


You might want to dial back the number of announcements you're making about this project in this channel. We encourage folks to only announce major new functionality and to try to only have one or maybe two announcements about the same library in the scrollable history of this channel (which currently goes back to April 9th -- ten or eleven days). Between this project and HoneyEQL you have six announcements in the history.

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Sorry about that, I wasn’t aware of it. Let me limit it to those updates that matter.