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So, I’m interested in some feedback. The videos are getting a bit out of date, and the best practices are changing over time. At this point I’d recommend using Pathom as the parsing back-end, the routing stuff has evolved, we have UI state machines, etc. I don’t have the time (really, it boils down to financial incentive) to re-make hours of videos, and I feel that it might be best to remove them (no information is often better than misinformation). We have the developer’s guide. If someone (individual or company) was interested in funding an update for them, then I’d be more motivated to make new ones. I’m going to be thinking on what to do over the next few days, but it would be helpful to hear anyone’s feedback about it.


Even the videos being out-dated, they helped me a lot in the begining. Adding comments in the first videos and in the begining of the book saying the videos are out-dated might be the best option. The book has a great lenght of information, but is not enought for getting things done. I would enjoy having more aplication exemples to play with and and absorve fulcro's good pratices.


Yeah, that’s what I’ve done so far…thanks for letting me know they were still helpful.


i did find the videos very useful as well, not just for fulcro-specific info but e.g. the database testing one was great for getting a jump on dev processes… like a good pair programming session


I think videos are helpful for high level concepts, but for a tutorial or really anything else I go to the docs. Personally, I watched one of the intro videos, but then printed out the book once I was convinced fulcro was something I wanted to use. (The documentation is really fantastic, it obviously reflects a lot of work.) If I were to supplement the docs with something else, I find example apps more helpful than videos. Eg, user authentication is the first thing I set up in an application, and having examples around that is helpful.

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Sorry I'm a bit late to the party here. The videos helped some concepts to "click" after reading the book. There's a lot to get your head around when starting out, and the two formats reinforce one another. Also, I don't remember specifics, but there were small comments you made in the videos that were helpful and may not have made it into the book. So +1 for keeping them up with outdated warnings.


@j1mr10rd4n @wilkerlucio 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT is on clojars with both pre-merge and wrapped input improvements. Would appreciate feedback on existing app funcitonality and I’ll cut a real release.

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not seeing any problems with existing app against 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT so far