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I've just kludged the powershell scripts in (and adding the jvm-file and main-file arguments in), and appear to have a working clojure-cli under windows. Has anyone else tried this, and run into further problems down the line?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:01:38

There鈥檚 a branch in brew-install with a more up to date version of those

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:01:35

Although they are lagging a few of the latest changes

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I was wondering where those where hiding, thanks!


What is your best stack for authentication and authorization? What do you use? - ? - With GraphQL or you prefer REST for authentication and GraphQL for authorization with queries? - OAuth2? - REST API for authentication by POST? Return HTTP 200? JSON input / output? My concerns: - I want to have GraphQL, but not sure if authentication should be separated as REST API. - authentication should return token to use with authorization with GraphQL - Users will be able to generate extra tokens for integrations like in GitHub I confused myself about the way how to solve it. In other words I am asking about your best way how to do it with full details about libraries, methods, concepts, choices 馃檪


@kwladyka #fulcro recomends this csrf. I liked it after I met. You generate a token and deliver it on HTML. Then the application send it on body or headers.


It use sessions/cookies. Somehow (pedestal handles it. I dont know how) if the browser do a F5, then it deliver the same token.


Thank for that article. That will be for sure something which I will have to do too. For now I confused myself on level of thinking about authentication query / response / library vs my code.


I am talking about BE side mainly now, not FE. Not how to send data by JS, but for example if it should be separate REST API only for auth by POST, accept JSON (not?) and return JSON (not?) by HTTP 200. Or GraphQL, because I want to have it anyway probably.


Hmm my buddy can be what I am looking for


you can also secure rest api's via jwt

Karol W贸jcik19:01:39

Is there a way to install dependency from github with a specific sha using leiningen?

Lennart Buit19:01:29

I know that a deps.edn can specify that, and I know of integration tools between the two

Lennart Buit19:01:59

but that may be a bit of a wonky solution


use deps.edn, if you really want to have lein use

Karol W贸jcik22:01:15

Thank you @kwladyka! Since i just wanted to explore hot module reloading with tools.deps.alpha I will definetely stick to deps.edn.

Karol W贸jcik22:01:09

Btw, may I DM you @kwladyka? I鈥檓 seeking for remote job in PL so if you would like to give me some tips then I would be more than grateful.


sure, I will answer tomorrow. I am going sleep now 馃檪

Karol W贸jcik22:01:45

Have a deep sleep! 馃挙 See you!


(case (type x)
      org.jsoup.nodes.Document x
I want to dispatch based on the type/class of a thing but this doesn't work as I expected. Do I have to use if? Or is there some other construct for this?


I guess a class doesn't count as a literal/constant?


Can鈥檛 you define a protocol for this?


Right, that should work, good idea 馃憤