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In a talk a couple years ago, David Nolen talked about work on a Client API library for JavaScript. I’m guessing that was discontinued?


Due to account restrictions in our company, we are not allowed to create our own VPC’s. There is one provided VPC which we must use. Is there a way to setup datomic cloud inside of this existing VPC?

Oleh K.15:01:32

I'm getting an error when I try to connect to Datomic GUI, does anybody know how to repair it?

Console started on port: 8080
   dev = datomic:
Open  in your browser (Chrome recommended)
        at clojure.core$namespace.invokeStatic(core.clj:1600)
        at clojure.core$namespace.invoke(core.clj:1594)
        at clojure.core$comp$fn__6823.invoke(core.clj:2542)
        at clojure.core$group_by$fn__9430.invoke(core.clj:7031)

Oleh K.15:01:17

the error occurs when I select my database from the list in the GUI


@okilimnik what version are you on? Do you still see this error with the latest? You can copy the full exception out from the logs (in the datomic/logs directory if you’re running local).

Oleh K.11:01:39

It happens with the latest Datomic, too (0.9.5786). I've attached the log

Oleh K.11:01:22

I've removed some sensitive data from the log

Oleh K.11:01:47

the full error

Oleh K.13:01:01

I've found that the reason of the error is this type of migration:

(def foo-bar-v1
[{:db/ident :foo/bar
:db/valueType :db.type/ref ;;any type
:db/cardinality :db.cardinality/many
:db.install/_attribute :db.part/db}])

(def retract-foo-bar
[[:db/retract :foo/bar :db/ident :foo/bar]])

(def foo-bar-v2
[{:db/ident :foo/bar
:db/valueType :db.type/string ;;new type
:db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one
:db.install/_attribute :db.part/db}])
How to repair the database now?