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Has anyone succeeded in “full stack” ReactNative-FulcroClient《=》FulcroEasyServer ? I only know wilkerlucio’s multi-timer ,It is a very very helpful demo about ReactNative-FulcroClient but there is no code about communicating with FulcroEasyServer. If anyone know there is a demo about that ,please tell me ,Thanks!


Fulcro 2.6.19 is on Clojars. Adds support for the new getDerivedStateFromError lifecycle method

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I'm having trouble with where to put some UI data about a popup/checkbox boolean. The component that uses it receives a load from server-side. The component only gets called when the load is triggered (this is desired). I try to set-up a initial-state for my ui data but the load overwrites it as not-found. I've tried to use the :without parameter inside load, but it excludes my initial-state I'm also not sure if this initial-state is being correctly set


@UCTNL1JNN if you namespace the key with ui as in :ui/selected? and it’s not in the query then it won’t be involved with the load operation


but you probably want to persist whether it’s selected or not?


Well, I made it work without using neither the query nor the initial-state When the app starts, :ui/selected? doesn't exists. Then there's a button with a mutation for setting :ui/selected? as true and therefore the popup opens. Inside the popup theres a button with a mutation for setting :ui/selected? as false and therefore the popup closes.


I also made the query+initial-state work using workspaces. Still didn't understand why it didn't work inside the real app .


@eric.shao my current project is using Fulcro with Expo/ReactNative and integrates the Fulcro server bits into a Datomic Ion. I’ve been planning on publishing the bare-bones client/server projects to use as templates for future projects, just hasn’t been at the top of my todo list. But if other people would really find that helpful, I can bump up the priority. But if you already have a handle on the ReactNative front end, there is literally nothing you need to change on the back end or how you fetch data from the client. My server template project would be useful if you want a Datomic Ion, because that requires some additional steps, but you should have no problem hitting the EasyServer generated by the Fulcro lien template or any other demo server - just change the endpoint address in the Fulcro client config.