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I have an issue with aot compiling a single namespace in a boot-tools-deps project. I built a server component that requires a single namespace that is aot compiled (expecting a class elsewhere). This has been working fine. I wanted to add a ring server and cljs frontend, so I added ring, compojure, and clojurescript to the deps.edn. Suddenly, the aot task breaks. I now get a terrible

Don't know how to create ISeq from clojure.lang.Symbol
from somewhere in aether. I've added other dependencies without a problem, but identified that any one of those three dependencies causes this issue. If I run a
(deps :quick-merge true)
task, it's fine - it's only breaking during the aot task. I find this extra strange because I'm specifically trying to aot compile a single namespace that doesn't involve these new deps, so I'm not sure why adding some new - seemingly unrelated - deps suddenly breaks the task. I assume I don't understand what the aot task actually does. Any ideas?