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just learned of fulcro 🙂


anyone running it in production yet?


lots of ppl actually. AdStage, Avisi, Pyroclast, NuBank is starting up with it


This is a Fulcro app: that was announced here not too long ago


This is a plugin for Atlassian that is written in it:


Fulcro 2.5.0-alpha1 is on clojars. This version promotes alpha i18n to just i18n (requires a bit of porting), and reduces dependencies using dynamic library resolution. SO, if you’re using any of the server components you’ll have to add dependencies to your project. I’m releasing a sequence of 2.5 alphas before the real release, so that I can get feedback on how it works for people. These two changes are relatively easy to deal with, but do require minor project changes. I plan on promoting the new DOM stuff from alpha in the 2.5 series or alpha releases as well. This is a drop-in replacement and should not require porting effort. @thheller I’d be interested in seeing if this version works better for you in the limited dependencies sense. Anyone else that has a few minutes to try it out: I’d appreciate knowing about any issues.


Note that the current released developer’s guide still refers to it as fulcro.alpha.i18n, but the new name drops the alpha bit


@tony.kay didn't get anything done on the UI front yet. I'll be a while before I get to it probably.