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not sure, but there are VC funded companies that are almost fully remote

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elastic being a big one


probably depends on the VC. Some are former engineering managers who seem to care about such things, others don’t give a shit and just want to see your company kill it.


i think most are in the latter category. it’s probably better to be upfront about it though, it would be weird if you’re remote 95% of the time unless an investor is coming by and then everyone crams into your fake office.


also dont have an expensive empty office if everyone is remote, that would just be a waste of money 😛


one concern that strikes me is whether or not the team has good….synergy…..(for lack of a better word). Especially in the early stages investors are investing more in the team than they are in the product because pivots are fairly common in the early stages. So if the team hasn’t worked together much and they’re all remote I can imagine that being a red flag.


so if you are a group of people who have made things together before remotely it probably would be less of a problem than if you’re a bunch of people who met on IRC two months ago and decided to make a thing.


useful insights, thank you!