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@jkr.sw have you tried running through this guide:


it seems like with figwheel.main vim-fireplace isn't able to connect to the right repl on its own.. so you need to do so explicitly with something like :Piggieback (figwheel.main.api/repl-env "dev")

Jan K01:01:31

I am doing that. That's what seems to trigger code appearing in the "out" directory.

Jan K01:01:56

I've seen the guide, right now I can't see anything I'm doing differently. I guess I'll try it with a fresh project from scratch tomorrow.


Hmm right.. the same in my case. I only get the out/ dir when I connect via piggieback. But it's not causing an issue in my project..


starting from a fresh/minimal project seems like a good next step.. good luck


@jkr.sw fireplace will use nashorn if you try and evaluate without being connected, and that will cause a write to out.

Jan K15:01:15

I don't think nashorn is involved, at least I don't get any "nashorn_code_cache" directory and I am making sure to connect with Piggieback before evaluating anything. From my tests it seems whenever any "require" is evaluated via fireplace/Piggieback, the required code goes into "out", but if I do the same require from a non-piggiebacked cljs repl, it goes into :target-dir as expected. I haven't found out what could be causing this difference. Piggieback is definitely connected to the same browser though, I can access the same vars and everything. With the old lein-figwheel I don't get this problem. A funny workaround that I found is symlinking the "out" directory to the :target-dir, after doing that everything runs fine both with or without Piggieback 🙂

Jan K17:01:42

Ah I think I figured it out. Doing :Piggieback (figwheel.main.api/repl-env "my-build") passes :output-dir to cider.piggieback/cljs-repl as part of the repl-env arg, but cljs-repl is not looking for it there.

Jan K19:01:55

I filed it as an issue for figwheel-main, hope it's understandable, I had a hard time formulating it

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I can comprehend what you're saying, if that's any help :D


It explains why I keep finding an out, I figured it was me being stupid