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@joshkh Is that Clojure or CLJS? When you look at File-&gt;Project Structure-&gt;Modules-&gt;[your module] under the Dependencies tab, is Clojure (or CLJS if that’s what you’re using) there as a dependency?


What is the error you get when reimporting?


so clojure core functions started working again after another reimport, however third party clojurescript functions were still undefined. i think i figured it out though: the cljs libraries are :extra-deps in a clojure alias. moving them to the main :deps key makes intellij happy again.


and indeed, deps in :extra-deps do not appear in File->Project Structure->Modules->[your module]->Dependencies


@joshkh Go to the deps toolwindow and open the Aliases tree, check the aliases that those deps are under and then they’ll be used when syncing with Cursive.


perfect. thanks so much for the help.


i must have scanned over that toolbar a million times without even noticing it 🙂


while i'm here, another (unrelated) question! sometimes i change my mind about a package name. when i right click say src/clj/package1, select Refactor > Rename, and do the refactor, none of the namespaces are updated -- only the package (folder) name. is that the expected behaviour?

Lennart Buit20:01:50

Can cursive be configured to insert a newline after (:require in ns declarations? Makes sorting requires easier and diffs clearer ^^.


What's stopping you from doing this? If you put your first require like that then the rest will follow suit

Lennart Buit20:01:01

True, I’d like it to be by default tho

Lennart Buit20:01:52

So I would prefer this:

(ns my-awesome-ns