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How are you starting your repl?

Jan K11:01:09

I use lein repl and from there (figwheel.main.api/start ...)


Piggieback is added to your repl-options middleware in your project.clj?

Jan K17:01:43

I actually had :nrepl-middleware in the wrong place in my project.clj, now I fixed it by nesting it in :repl-options. Evaluation from vim-fireplace now works, although I'm still getting code in "out" and 404s in the browser console. This is my project.clj now (I'm trying the flappy bird demo with updated deps):

Jan K18:01:32 the errors are for the files that I'm finding in "out"


Can you paste the fig build config please?

Jan K19:01:29

The only thing I changed from this repo is project.clj:

Jan K19:01:51

build config (flappy.cljs.edn) is just {:main flappy-bird-demo.core}

Jan K20:01:06

I tried adding the :output-dir option but it didn't affect the code in "out"