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I started using Quil about six months ago, I work through (pretty slowly 🙈), but I have a lot of fun with it 🙂

Eric Ervin23:01:06

Mwahahaha ..... I'm in your repo. Major oversight that I don't have this book. I have 2 different editions of his other Processing book. Maybe this will be the next book I translate, so I can compare my translations with yours.


sweet, I saw it's on kindle unlimited. Was wondering does the book go through in the perspective of javascript, and was it easy to translate to quil?


The book is using processing itself (a Java DSL afaik) but there are example repos at github using JS or clojure. It's easy to translate processing to quil, they share almost the same API.

Eric Ervin19:01:06

Do you have previous experience in Processing @UB5T2688Y? I don't know if I could have gotten Quil without previous years of Processing experience. My long, tedious process includes typing in the original Processing code, so I can see that Quil draws the same things.


Hmm I think I read some p5.js tutorials about a year ago, otherwise starting with natureofcode about half a year ago was my start with processing