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Hi, I'm trying to use expound with spec-alpha2. It seems like there is no support on the latest release. Does anyone know if it's planned or if there is a work in progress somewhere? (Searching through github issues and branches didn't yield anything useful).


@rafael You’re correct, Expound is not compatible with spec2 yet. It’s on my radar, likely something I’ll start towards the end of Jan or in Feb as part of the Clojurists Together grant:


spec2 is also still a moving target


^- Very much this


@rafael in general, the new Expound2 version is going be pretty unreliable to work with: it’s likely going to be backwards incompatible with Expound1, will be in flux since spec2 is still changing its API, and I won’t be prioritizing releases of that branch (you can install your own local snapshot versions or depend on specific SHAs if you want)


A version of Expound2 that is on par with Expound1 likely won’t happen until at least a few weeks after spec2 is released for real: until then it’s going to be pretty bleeding edge


Thank you, that's all perfectly understandable. I'll be eager to be a beta-tester (or alpha-tester, as it may be) when it comes time to implement it. Everything else around spec-alpha2 is pretty bleeding edge, which is ok for my current purposes.

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@rafael Awesome, I’ll ping you when I have something to try out