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There was a discussion about laptops recently. I now read that Dell will release a 13" XPS (9300) with 32GB max


Oh, that's interesting, thanks! Looking at the specs, it's quite good.


The battery life degraded fast on mine, the CPU is... Eh.


We got some new Dell Latitudes at work (last few months of 2019). All of them had problems becoming to noisy as soon as they did just a bit of work which is super annoying. One of the fixes of our IT department was to turn off the turbo boost of the CPUs. Just a slight remark about the Latitudes.


I just read bronsa's remark about t495, seems like a solid option (maybe more so considering the complains about dell I read here).


What's the take here on YourKit? They have an offer today for 99$. Should I buy it? How do I use it with a short running app like babashka or clj-kondo?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:01:33

for certain kinds of problems, it's great. I pull it out a few times a year for something. not sure it would help you that much for babashka or clj-kondo

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:01:48

(vs other freely available profilers)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:01:07

I like using it for memory leak analysis, particularly it's ability to diff snapshots

vemv16:01:41 appears to have specific graal-related features?

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> Graal VisualVM is also able to perform basic monitoring of native-image processes. Nice!


YourKit also used to give away licenses for oss work fyi, maybe it's still the case


That's true. I believe you have to display their logo in the README


I did that in the past, it's quite low friction and they respond quickly


Back then it was just a mention in the readme


Cool. I'll just wait for the need to arise and then I'll go for that option


YourKit is one of those things that you don't need until you do. I paid $500 for it, and easily got $500 of value out of it chasing down a leak in prod one time. If you can get it for $99, and you have long-running jvm applications, I'd say that is a steal.

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You hopefully won't need it, but if you do, you'll be really glad you have it.


It's nice for performance tuning too. It makes it really easy to visualize your tight loops.


re dell / lenovo - i would definitely jump by a store to test out the keyboard-touchpad-screen hinges look and feel

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@borkdude another offtopic - winter is off rails near your location in europe as well ?


estonia's winter is totally borked ... constantly hovering around +4C , no snow or ice. what is this even 😐


you mean that it was too warm for normal winter conditions? yes, same here


yes, too warm. probably if it's +10 instead of +6 people don't notice much 🙂


but +4 instead of -4 is pretty noticeable


we should have 20cm of snow, skiing and sled riding 🙂 ... instead there is just mud and seldom rain


do you find it troubling?


kids are sad.


and +1 is colder than minus degrees due to how the humidity plays along


with minus degrees humidity leaves and it's actually more pleasant


my wife often shows me temperature trends that are consistently above what's considered normal, as a worrying statistic related to global warming


saddest people here are fisherman though. our lakes, rivers and sea should freeze in december


and there's ice fishing season usually from december to march


but it's really hard to do that without ice


"only the tough guys" 😄


Mild winters are increasingly a problem here in the U.S. as well, especially in the mountains where extended periods of freezing temperatures are the only thing that keep certain tree-killing insect populations in check 😕


We're a bit below average here in California (Bay Area), but our weather has definitely gotten more extreme over the last few years: much hotter summers, much colder winters -- we've had to scrape frost off our car countless times this winter which is pretty much unheard of in our neighborhood.


We never used to get over 100F in the summer where I live and the last few years we've had runs of three or four days at a time where it's been over 100F in the summer afternoons.


Yikes. In the Chicago area the main thing I’ve noticed the past ten years is an increase in severe rain storms. Our house was built over 100 years ago without drain tiles or a sump pump and yet until the past few years the basement never flooded. We saved up enough to fix that last year, but leading up to it I would be up all night or have to take the day off work at least three times per year to redirect flooding.


Warm winter here too. Still have to see any snow...

Lennart Buit19:01:38

I find this one of the most worrying images about climate change:


@borkdude Most of the times visualvm was sufficient for me. And I fixed several performance problems over the years. From an UI perspective I like YourKit more, but never needed anything specific from it that would justify buying it.


This is the first year we don't renew our YourKit license and I am confident we won't need it. We are doing only Java work btw, no clojure profiling unfortunately. So my comment relates to java code only.


If I’m fetching some metadata about YT video you are watching (title, current time etc) through YouTube iframe api, can I charge people for sync. of the fetched data across devices? Or is it illegal and google lawyers straight fk me up? Maybe warn me first? I know you cant monetize by putting other ads, on iframe etc. but this seems kinda different?


I really do not know, but realize that even if it doesn't violate the terms of service today, they can change their terms later, too.


re: notebooks - got msi prestige 15 (non-4k model) - testing it out with ubuntu 19.10. so far it seems decent. max memory is apparently 64 gb. weight is 1.6 kg. has an extra m.2 slot. bios suggests it might even be able to boot from thunderbolt port (there are 2 of them).

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trying xubuntu 19.10.


much less unfamiliar than vanilla ubuntu.


i should find a better place to put these notes 🙂 one last thing though: to improve the situation with display issues related to using nvidia's gpu and virtualbox, consider disabling 3d acceleration for the guest vm