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you can try m-x profiler-start and then trigger the hangup and then m-x profiler-report

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Zachary Fontenot00:05:47

From the profiler, the highest percentage was clojure-match-next-def which uses imenu to index the file. Which sounds like something that could cause a buffer to hang. that is, if I’m reading the profiler output correctly


How old is your clojure mode. Maybe update that

Zachary Fontenot00:05:08

it’s from march 🤷 but I will try

Zachary Fontenot01:05:18

I have a config that doesn’t have the issue, so I am going to use that for now and make an issue for it. This was happening also months and months ago, on my other computer, but it’s cropped up again

Zachary Fontenot16:05:28

@bozhidar Have you encountered this issue at all? I’m essentially using Prelude off the shelf for my Clojure setup


@bozhidar I haven't seen the issue myself, but it seems likely that's a bug in clojure-mode's code.


I think it'd be best to report the issue there, together with whatever data you've obtained from the profiler.

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