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Felipe Marques15:05:31

Hi, all! I'm trying to integrate clj-kondo in spacemacs, but I'm having some problems. I followed the instructions here: But flycheck is not enable by default, I must run `SPC t s` to toggle the syntax-checking, even after doing `(setq global-flycheck-mode t)`  in my .spacemacs file. Does anyone had the same problem? Thanks in advance 😄


I havent had any issues with clj-kondo in the last year or so. Ensure the syntax-checking layer is enabled as this installs flycheck. Ideally Spacemacs version 0.300 should be used as this is where bugs are resolved. If you can share a link to your .spacemacs file then it may be possible to spot an issue (please dont paste the whole file into slack)

Felipe Marques18:05:47

When I enable syntax-checking(`SPC t s`) on the buffer, the clj-kondo works as expected.


I haven't used the older way to include clj-kondo. I've only used the Clojure layer option since the end of 2019. The only suggestion I have is to update to Spacemacs 0.300 (develop). Sorry I don't have any other ideas.

Felipe Marques11:05:46

No problems, I'll try to update to the develop version. Thanks!