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Jacob O'Bryant07:05:54

Just finished updating I've trimmed it down a bit; it's somewhat more high level now. partly because I'm actually writing doc strings now, so those + project template comments can cover the details.

Markus Agwin10:05:11

I think that the old, longer, "Requirements" section was better. Now it looks like as if Crux was something a biff beginner has to take care of. But that is not true at all and it is, I think, of the highest importance to make it clear that biff just works. All the things described in the Crux Quickstart are taken care of by biff. So: please, please, pretty please, revert to the old Requirements section. (I feel a bit guilty that my AdoptOpenJDK vs. OpenJDK problem has been partly the cause of this updated Requirements section, which is of course technically more complete in a sense but does not do justice to biffs spirit)

Jacob O'Bryant16:05:42

good to know, it didn't occur to me that linking out would give that impression. I'll update it.

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Just curious, why are you moving from to

Jacob O'Bryant20:05:59

so biff can have its own firebase project instead of sharing one with findka. before when I updated docs, I ran a build task in findka's repo; now it's all self-contained

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