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Just wondering: does anyone really want the focus stolen from the editor when starting a REPL? It just occurred to me, after 5 years of using Cursive, that I get annoyed every time I start a REPL and I suddenly have to grab the mouse and re-focus the editor…and everyone else I know does as well. I think most of us send our commands from the editor. Perhaps worth a fix?

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Piling onto this: I'd be happy with an option to eliminate the input area from the repl entirely. As it is, I shrink it to the smallest size possible


Yes, the focus thing is something I’ve been meaning to fix forever - I’ll look to do that now. Hiding the input area (possibly even by default) is also something I’ve considered, especially once I get inline evaluation done - I’m working on that now, but I’ve had to have a detour to work on my website.

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There’s a very indignant (with good reason!) issue in the tracker which I have assigned to the current milestone about the focus issue:


@U0CKQ19AQ iirc you can press esc to return back to the main editor. In fact, if you’re in any of the editors (project, structure, lein, etc.), pressing ESC will return you back to the main editor (the one that you write code with)


I use IdeaVIM. Esc puts me in edit mode in the little input window


Ah, but a second escape does bring me back to editor. Never thought to try it twice in a row (not sure why..guess I just didn’t think it would matter)

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Chiming in on hiding the input UI. For beginners hiding the REPL input may be very confusing.. so I would be sure to document how to find it.


Yes, I’m definitely a bit torn on that one. If I do end up doing that, it will definitely be configurable, and I’ll think about how to best communicate the change.