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eccentric J01:09:00

Any guides for getting org-mode to work with Clojure? I seem to be able to execute code but I get a “Code block produced no output” no matter what I put into there.

eccentric J01:09:14

Nevermind. Ended up being very small. Needed # -*- org-babel-clojure-backend: cider; -*- but had 'cider


Looking for some elisp regex help:

(replace-regexp-in-string "test/.*/" "test/\\1/unit/"
;; Desired
;; Actual


@deadghost You need to use \( and \) (remember you need to double the \ when writing the regexp as a string) to define the match group that you are going to refer later with \\1:

(replace-regexp-in-string "test/\\(.*\\)/" "test/\\1/unit/"


Ah thank you, I didn't double them.