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sounds great @tekacs, hopefully planning to push changes back to original Aave? Looking forward to hearing how the malli->kondo works with that. The. m/defn demo was a fork of Plumatic Schema s/defn, need to clean it up before use and open for comments. If the aave-syntax is already good, one option is just to add a fdef -malli decorator for existing functions into the core lib. Not sure. I believe Rich has been deep in the hammock thinking about new syntax for spec2 embedded defn syntax. Might take a while, but if becomes de-facto, malli could do that too.

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Plumatic has btw s/conditional which might be handy with malli too. Like :multi but the keys are schemas to match the original value, e.g.

 [vector? [:vector int?]]
 [map? [:map [:x int?] [:y int?]]] 


oh that’s interesting, yes (to both :conditional and :else as really helpful things to have)