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Juliano Pereira Lima14:01:31

Hi folks. Has anyone used Spacemacs? have any feedback?


Yes, I have used Spacemacs for Clojure development for over 3 years now. It's really increased my productivity. It also stopped me wasting days and weeks (years) massaging my init.el file. There is very little config needed thanks to the layers, actually you can get Spacemacs to do it all as it will prompt you to add layers when you open certain file types. You can of course customise Spacemacs as much as you want. Another great thing is the community of contributors to Spacemacs (I am one too). As it's a community effort, then you get to use lots of other people's skills. I have used one person's config previously, but that does risk them abandoning the project. There is also a #spacemacs channel here and I also am writing a book (with Screencasts) on Clojure development with Spacemacs The most important advice, use the Spacemacs develop branch rather than the default master branch. develop is very stable and has been for the last 2 years or more.

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it's good but doom emacs is better imo


spacemacs did more and had more layers of integration. unfortunately that meant it broke a lot and I was always scared of upgrading. with doom I get 95% of what I cared about and don't have all the fear


and having fewer layers between me and emacs means I learned a lot more, too


@corasaurus-hex Do you use paredit when editing lispy stuff with Doom? I couldnt get it to work as nicely as spacemacs and still using it as I found doing clojure on spacemacs involves less config than Doom.


I use paredit and evil-cleverparens in doom, yeah


Can you share your clojure config maybe? I can give Doom another try then! 😄


I mostly just slurp/barf though, I'm far from advanced with paredit


I do wanna switch for the reasons you mentioned above


I can share when I'm back at my computer, but I don't tweak paredit at all. I'm interested in what spacemacs does to make paredit nicer


its just that the keybindings are more semantic and i guess im too used to them

Nir Rubinstein14:01:24

Isn’t slurp/barf just < or > on the opening /closing? Or is it evil-cleverparens?

Nir Rubinstein14:01:12

I have both enabled, but I guess I’m only using the cleverparens bindings (also using doom emacs myself)


I've used more of evil-smartparens which is default in spacemacs i guess


> it’s good but doom emacs is better imo Spacemacs community is huge (in relative terms). And they keep adding/improving things all the time. That means that things do break from time to time. But that doesn’t mean that Spacemacs is unstable. You absolutely can make your config stable and solid and upgrade with no fear. You just need to follow a few rules, the rules you should follow with any kind of configuration, be that Prelude, Doom, Spacemacs or anything else - you need to be cognizant about what you’re adding to it. Don’t add layers and packages without first studying them, learn what layer includes, see if you need those packages, ignore those that you won’t be using, avoid the bloat, minimize conflicts. I currently have over 300 packages installed. In the past three years I had only two or three times when after pulling the latest of Spacemacs things broke and it took me longer than ten minutes to figure out what the heck. Most of the time things break because of some upstream change - when a package that has some tighter integration gets an update. That’s not Spacemacs’s fault, but it needs to be fixed for that package. Exactly because of that it is recommended to use develop branch of Spacemacs, because things like that get fixed very fast. If you’re not using Spacemacs, you may feel FOMOed. With Spacemacs sometimes you may feel overwhelmed.


Overall - I’d recommend anyone (beginner or an Emacs-Jedi) to at least try Spacemacs. For a beginner it increases visibility of things - hidden gems of Emacs are there on the surface, waiting for you to be discovered. For a seasoned Emacsen it offers a lot of good stuff as well.


I used to use spacemacs and made the switch to doom maybe a year ago


and I like doom a lot better


and had constant breakage and weird slowness in spacemacs


and when things broke I didn't get much help anywhere with spacemacs. whereas the doom discord is super active and the doom maintainer is quick to help and fix issues.


that was my experience and all I can do is relate it


i haven't used doom emacs as much as Nate Sutton, but so far my experience has been similar (i tried spacemacs first -- more than once). the doom maintainer was also helpful when i got stuck initially. i agree in general it's worth trying both though. what i did find helpful was plexus' chemacs -- that allowed me to use more than one version of emacs, so i could fall back on what i was more comfortable with.


Doom seems significantly better written than Spacemacs.


Spacemacs is horribly bloated with weird abstractions and indirections, and it's concrete.


I think the long-term prognosis for Doom is way better.


I do think that spacemacs has better mnemonics, though


Do you know how good the Spacemacs keybind ports are?


I'm definitely tempted to just wipe all the keybinds full stop and only bind commands I use often, but I don't want to lose the discoverability


I haven't seen anything to do that and just add extras and don't change defaults


makes it easier to upgrade


if I move a key somewhere else and the underlying function name changes, then....


Yeah that's the issue. I'd like to discard the cruft so I can make everything shorter and reduce the surface area I have to think about, but I don't want to have to chase rabbits.


but you can re-learn anything 🙂


I like the package management in doom sooooooooooooooooo much better


This is the diff I needed to expose the 'visual line numbers option that was added to native Emacs. In a normal init file, this would be one line, (setq display-line-numbers 'visual), I had to navigate through 4-5 levels of indirection and basically restate Emacs' own documentation to get it merged. Totalled +58 -15


So... I think Spacemacs is doomed


No pun intended


I say this while still using Spacemacs lol. I'd like to switch to Doom at some point.