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I have cider-auto-jump-to-error set to errors-only. Is there also a possibility to not popup a buffer for warnings, especially files outside of my project? I get some reflection warnings. Setting *warn-on-reflection* doesn't help as the liberaries I am loading reset it to true.


Can you post here a screenshot? I thought warnings ended up in the REPL only.


@U051BLM8F Sorry for being a bit unclear. It's not actually the warning that pops up in a new buffer, but the file where the warning happens. The cursor doesn't jump to the warning, but with my setup I still see all these "open" buffers. You still want a screencast?


Here you go. You see the buffers popup at the top left.


I don’t see any popups in the screencast you shared - just warning appearing in the REPL buffer as they are supposed to. I guess I’m missing something.


@U051BLM8F popup is misleading. I used it for a lack of a better word. In the beginning there are two buffers open. I am not talking about buffers visible on the screen, but buffers I am working on. One is core.clj and the other retrieve.clj. You can see them at the top left. When I run the code more buffers "popup" in this location. I iterate through those new buffers in the end of the screencast. I want to avoid these buffers getting "opened". I hope it makes sense now.