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well those are two very different things


cached-core is actually about the cached analysis and compiled file that we put into the ClojureScript JAR


that's for everyone - was done long before the AOT cache for deps


ok thanks, my understanding about AOT cache is fuzzy, but I’d like to get CLJS-1902 properly done watever it takes and this was another minor issue, IMO core.cljs should get inlined source maps when that option is enabled I have some bandwidth to prepare patches, it would be great if you could revisit CLJS-1902 and make the decision how should I resolve that windows test issue[1] and if we should modify cached-core to look at :inline-source-maps flag as well [1]


agreed that if you want inline source maps we should skip the pre-compiled core and emit the requested thing instead


ok, I will modify cached-core to reflect :inline-source-maps build option, should it also be placed into build-affecting-options?


yep that's necessary


I wouldn't not edit cached-core logic - cache-core is only used when we build the JAR


rather we need to see if :inline-source-maps is being used - if so then then just skip cached-core should be sufficient


I believe cached-core is also called from compile-file during normal compilation


aot-cache-core seems to be the function which prepares the pre-compiled stuff, called from aot.clj entrypoint


yes - just skip in compile-file


If I have patches for issues i’ve submitted to Clojure Jira is there a process to get those looked at / added to a release?


just drop them here if you're interested - whether they get in or not really depends on whether it's a bug, enhancement, etc.


Hi there! I have a relatively minor question about assoc in Clojure vs ClojureScript. In ClojureScript, (assoc {} :a 1 :b) => {:a 1, :b nil}, whereas the Clojure version throws an IllegalArgumentException. Would there be any interest in a port of I'd hit this while refactoring some assocs to use threading macros (and forgetting to delete the old first argument to be threaded in the new code), and was expecting Clojure's behavior.


@dnolen they’re both to bring some changes in Clojure spec that seem to have been missed into the ClojureScript version: