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No, it's a bug somewhere. Many others are getting this issue


does package.el resolve dependencies based on what a package requires?


Hey everyone, This might be the wrong place to ask this, but does anyone have a good tutorial for getting emacs set up to edit clojurescript with a browser connected repl? I have tried some searching and several hours of fumbling, but the steps keep changing. Ideally I would like to call some cider command and have that start everything for me, similar to cider-jack-in for regular clojure code. cider-jack-in-clojurescript seems to give me just a rhino repl. I am really struggling to understand why this is so hard.


@verma this was a bug in clj-refactor snapshot. It is fixed now tho. Pls try to install it again should pull its deps fine


@verma It resolves deps based on what a package declared on the ;; Package-Requires: comment at the top.


@benedek: I installed clj-refactor again and things seem to be working fine now :thumbsup:


Happy to hear that. Enjoy and let us know if you hit any hurdles


will do! simple_smile