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@jjttjj latest snapshot works with cider 0.11-snapshot


@juhoteperi: Do you use vim-sexp, paredit.vim or parinfer?


@dominicm: vim-sexp + vim-sexp-mappings-for-regular-people


@juhoteperi: Yeah, That's what I am currently trying. How do you find the mappings for regular people? I'm mixed on them (I'm happy they're optional!) I do wish it came with a doc file 😛


@juhoteperi: I'd love to read a post of how you as a vimmer survives in a clojuremacs world.


@dominicm: Heh, I've been thinking about doing a screencast or something displaying why Vim fireplace + sexp is the best tool for Clojure development :d


I don't really have any experience with Emacs myself but when I'm looking at co-workers using Spacemacs it looks really slow (but it could just be that they don't know all shortcuts :D)


@juhoteperi: That would be awesome. I tried spacemacs for ~3 days. I kept running into issues, so gave up. I'm not sure if I kept hitting a vim combo which kills emacs, or what. I also felt really lost, I'm definitely someone who fits into "I cannot understand what I cannot myself build." Juxt runs on org mode so I do have to keep an emacs instance open for tracking time, I know how to go up, down, and start/stop the timer.


@juhoteperi: Just looking through your dotfiles for fun stuff, you should check out vim-plug btw, I've found it to be my favourite vim plugin manager.


@dominicm: I prefer using git submodules, they make it easier to keep the versions sync between multiple computers


vim-plug lets you specify a checkout version if you like. I try to keep everything up as up to date as possible.


And I also use submodules for other stuff besides Vim plugins, and I have scripts to update all submodules etc.


ah, fair enough. I like being able to just ":UpdateRemotePlugins" I make waaaay too many mistakes with git submodules, like, all the time. I needed something easier.