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is anyone developing in clojure using Vim?


@esnunes: I am not, but plenty of people are, check out #C0DF8R51A


I tried to migrate from atom/sublime to emacs, but it slowed me down a lot, so I'm taking vim and I'm learning it very fast, although I have almost 100% sure that by the end I will be back to emacs, maybe using evil mode or spacemacs


@esnunes: Me, @juhoteperi, @snoe and probably more are all diehard vimmers.

dominicm19:02:04 We all have public vimrc files you can check out. Mine has a big list of plugins under " # Cloure, deraen's are in the bundle_clojure folder, and snoe's are well, kinda mixed.

dominicm19:02:35 this is your key plugin. this is really cool is really neat (and sexp itself) something I've been working on my favorite code reformatter for clojure.. Wow, this list got long fast. tl;dr, vim + clojure are good, there's loads to check out and try. And vim works on simple composition (fireplace does only a few things), then others build on that. So things are simple & easily swappable.


I have tried spacemacs, and didn't like it much; "I cannot understand, what I cannot myself build"