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Boot users here. Could you guess what the problem is if Im getting this error: ClojureScript could not load :main, did you forget to specify :asset-path? while my edn file says this: {:require [] :compiler-options {:devcards true} :init-fns []}


and the dev.cljs file says this: (ns (:require [devcards.core :as dc :refer-macros [start-devcard-ui!]])) (enable-console-print!) (defn ^:export main [] (dc/start-devcard-ui!))


Also in my task option I have this: reload {:on-jsload '} not sure if I should compleatly seperate devcards from main app here, don't really understand the documentation when they say to seperate the two, in other way than just to seperate the styling from devcards to main app. If someone has a working example of boot and devcards on github that would prorably help me more than trying to describe. The two examples I've found so far just don't work (probably old and deprecated).