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@micah: yeah didn’t work for some reason. my index.html is under resources/front_site/public/, and i have made resources/front_site/ as part of my resource path in boot.


i tried both set of string and vector of string for :paths. i don’t think it makes a difference because code in boot-template converts whatever is supplied to paths: to a set anyway:


figured out what the problem is. i need to surround my variable BC_SCRIPT with dollar signs like $BC_SCRIPT$, or it wouldn’t work


I think it would be nice if boot repo had a wiki page for boot based templates


I'm trying to import a css file from cljsjs using sift:

(deftask move-chartist-css []
  (let [jar-path #"^cljsjs/common/chartist.min.css$"]
    (comp (sift :add-jar {'cljsjs/chartist jar-path})
          (sift :move {jar-path "_chartist.css"}))))
The importing all works and such but the sass task fails with the following:
Error: file to import not found or unreadable: chartist
The file is definitely in the fileset at the right place (verified with show & target but it's not in the same temp directory as the sass file that's being compiled)


The file ends up in one of the other :directories (from env). Tried assigning it to the various roles but no luck


file is also def. on the classpath so seems like an issue with boot-sass most likely


duh, issue was the partial was named _thing.css not _thing.scss 😄


Has anyone a github project involving boot and devcards that is willing to share with me? shouldn't be difficult I know.


(to combine devcards and boot)