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Guys I'm having big issues with repls inside cursive (that don't happen when I use it from the terminal). For example it doesn't find SOME installed packages, with new projects I always have to start a repl from terminal first, or I will get a lot of exceptions in cursive, etc. Is there maybe some basic setup I didn't make? Any ideas on possible causes?


So many projects (for instance carmine) generate their vars instead of a simple "def/defn". In this case the "Quick doc" command never works for me and the symbol is also highlighted (b/c Cursive thinks it doesn't exist). However, with clojure.repl/doc it gives me the proper documentation. Is there a way to improve this? For instance, could Cursive consult the available REPL if its house-made analyzer doesn't find vars? @cfleming


@doddenino did you do a leiningen refresh from within cursive? for me that often helps with deps problems


@sander no, I haven't tried. I will, thanks simple_smile


@sander umm intellij's terminal can't find java when I launch lein, maybe it's related


@doddenino: I meant cmd-shift-a "refresh leiningen projects"