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Kira McLean05:12:35

Relatedly, is it possible to prioritize routes in ataraxy? Or to force it to not treat certain hard-coded strings as route params? E.g. Is it possible to have two routes like:

[:get "/thing/new"] {,,,}
[:get "/thing/" id] {,,,}
? It seems to always match the second route for me, treating “new” like an id, which obviously causes problems. It seems like this should be doable, but I somehow either haven’t run into it yet or forgot how I did it..


I don’t know. I do know Ataraxy has some behaviour that is unintuitive to me. For example multiple middlewares are ordered reverse alphabetically by their key. It would be more logical if middlewares were specified by a vector (since they have order). duct.reitit works better for us. We use a fork so it is published to clojars:


> Reitit: > > @bohdan.mikhail the routes are matched in order they are introduced, so you can put the most important first. Either manually or programmatically. Hope this helps