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Felix M02:12:22

Hi, I'm looking for any reference materials that translate vanilla emacs keybinds to their evil-mode equivalent? e.g C-x C-f = SPC ff


I haven't seen anything like that, so I wrote a book on using Spacemacs using Evil

Felix M15:12:26

@U05254DQM Thanks, your guide looks very easy to follow, just what I need. I use Doom and was struggling to follow Clojure for the Brave's Emacs tutorial with the vanilla keybinds, hence the search for a translated reference.


@U01GD44GX2P the brave Clojure config is quite dated unfortunately, but otherwise it's a great book I am not sure if Doom is as complete with its Clojure key binding, compared to Spacemacs, but I have been adding the command name to make it easier to use the Practicalli Spacemacs book with other Emacs setips

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Of you have any questions, please ask

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David Pham14:12:20

Did anyone try the native version of emacs? I just compiled it, and it is really faster.. I was wondering about downside if anyone had any?


I'm using with doom-emacs for a while and it's working very good

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David Pham15:12:44

I am using it with prelude 🙂


I use it as well and works really well. When I started there where a couple of packages that needed some fixes to compile cleanly but now iirc only jupyter is the last package in my config that doesn't work out of the box with native-comp. (and a PR I made is outstanding to fix it)


@UFAP0C8KU which packages required adjustment? I am curious cause I am seeing some crashes and I wonder if I am missing something


Hmm. Don't remember all packages as most of them are fixed by now. I remember treemacs and currently outstanding jupyter But I don't think anything should actually cause a crash. If you can reproduce a crash you should report it with M-x report-emacs-bug


@UFAP0C8KU I can reproduce consistently when I copy and paste stuff so I will definitely report it


It works perfectly for me except for sayid :(


In my case XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 was breaking copy/paste 🤷

Ben Sless14:12:23

Anyone here successfully compiled it on ubuntu 20?


Yep. Im on ubuntu 20.04

Ben Sless07:12:00

Can you please share how you went about it @UR37CBF8D? Whatever I try I get a segfault temacs starts the dump process

Ben Sless09:12:23

I did that, too, still crashed and burned 😞

Ben Sless09:12:52

For some reason starting in a clean directory from scratch did work

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David Pham10:12:41

Congrats! Tell us what you think about it.

Ben Sless13:12:11

do you know where it saves the compiled .eln files?

David Pham13:12:32

In /usr/lib/emacs/emacs-28.../native-libs

David Pham13:12:03

[i got it trying to make a symlink but I had to make a bash file haha]

Ben Sless13:12:58

I think it's misbehaving and generating them in the library where the binary is run (i.e. in pwd)

Ben Sless13:12:09

I think the biggest issue I found until now is that it can't be built in the same directory twice

David Pham20:12:36

I found an issue with json where one of the deps renders kill-buffer impossible to use.