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Fighting with Python 2 and Python 3 and trying to figure out whether I need virtualenv or pyenv or pyenv-virtualenv or something else makes me really grateful that there's no need for such a thing as a Clojure version manager...


Most of clojure setup has 2 global dependencies: the JVM (openjdk, openj9...) and the launcher (clj, lein) Once the "clojure version" is specified inside the project, you usually don't need to care about the version of the launcher Once deps are deterministic, you don't need a lockfile You MAY look for a "JVM selector", to switch between your JVM's


There is sdkman!, I'll prefer to just having aliases for setting JAVA_HOME through.


My point was that I'm glad that I don't need something like virtualenv for Clojure. 🙂 I do sometimes need to switch between Java versions, and I use Jabba for that.


@flowthing i don't know if this will help, but here are some notes i took recently on getting python to work with such sorts of things in the context of libpython-clj:


Thank you! I'll check that out.