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Joe Lane14:08:43

@chrisjswanson I recently succeeded at this but ran into several small issues with it. Granted, i'm trying to deploy via ions and that was where the issues were.

Chris Swanson15:08:23

@lanejo01 if you'd care to share details, I'm quite curious. Did you end up having to write a custom intercepter to add the datomic connection to the chain? Or modify the vase code to let it handle datomic cloud connection Uris?

Joe Lane15:08:37

I can share more later

Chris Swanson15:08:08

Thanks man, good to have that insight, I'd appreciate it

Joe Lane15:08:24

Using Ions or not?

Chris Swanson15:08:13

Yes but probably not to deploy vase, just custom query functions. Vase would likely go on k8s or lambda directly. But I'm still exploring, so I'm also really curious how it ended up working for you on ions

Chris Swanson15:08:46

If I could just deploy vase straight as an ion that would be pretty nice