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The load here doesn't work, it merges the right target, but doesn't refresh the route component. So if I visit the route through a link when the data has loaded is there it works, but the initial change-route doesn't update after the data merges.


Another small note about the router, I need to (when (seq router) (ui-root-router router)) because it will warn that ui-root-router is getting a non existing asm-path, I call change-route directly after mount.

Attempt to get an ASM path [:com.fulcrologic.fulcro.ui-state-machines/local-storage :pending-path-segment] for a state machine that is not in Fulcro state.


@wilkerlucio fixed and pushed new version of gcss

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@bbss you on latest beta (3)? It should have fixed errors. As far as the initial load goes: it could be a bug. I’m using the dynamic router in a number of situations, but I don’t think a load on app start is one of the cases I’ve tried myself. It could just be a UI refresh issues…it sounds like the data is arriving correctly, you say? If you could open an issue that’s great. A repro case is even better, but not necessary if the description is good.