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curious to know what goes in people's internal company documentation, things like project management software workflow explanations, running the project, etc. Bonus points for any known examples of this.


Apparently "onboarding guide" is the name for this, although I haven't found good examples from real companies. That would be cool if anyone knows of one.


we call it "Quickstart", it's the document to get going from scratch


onboarding might be a better name for it


the gitlab handbook is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I knew one of these trendy open companies would be on it πŸ™‚


As with all good developer documentation it's only partially complete... πŸ˜„


I really wish github had some sort of sexpr-friendly diff view


Its Hide whitespace changes checkbox tends to help a lot. You can enable it even when the checkbox is not offered by appending ?w=1 to the url


or at least a way to easily see when a change is just an existing form being embedded in another


there was this thing for clojure diffing, I think @rahul080327 mentioned it to me


no it was something else


visually diffing


That looks very nice; it would be spectacular if the built-in differ of my git client would understand this too πŸ™‚


not sure if it still works, never tried it

eccentric J20:08:03

Trying to find some playlists\bands\albums etc... that combine classical\atmospheric sounds with a bit of drum'n'bass. Everything I'm finding is a bit too d'n'b. Any suggestions?


The Flashbulb comes to mind - the one track I'm remembering offhand is Passage D

eccentric J21:08:23

Hah thanks! I love the Flashbulb, I really like their albums "Nothing is Real" and "Opus At The End Of Everything".

eccentric J21:08:44

This is pretty in the ballpark of what I'm after

eccentric J21:08:02

Thanks! It was discovering Venetian Snares about a week ago that piqued my interests in the mix between the two genres πŸ™‚


Oh, thought of another one you might like @U8WFYMFRU That symphony DnB video is awesome, thanks for sharing

eccentric J07:08:04

Thanks! I’m familiar with that one from but it’s still a good one.