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Hey guys, I’m running into an issue trying to deploy from my CI/CD server, I’m getting the following error “Unable to find a unique code bucket. Make sure that you are running\\nDatomic Cloud in the region you are deploying to” Definitely in the same region, so not sure what else to look at


That's because Datomic releases are on an S3 bucket in another region and you cannot do cross-region S3 copies. There is a discussion concerning this issue on the forum:


In the last answer you have a workaround using VPC with a NAT gateway


Right, right I’ve seen that, but in my case, everything is in us-east-1. The script actually works fine for my dev env, but is throwing that for our int-env. Our ‘shared’ account/vpc, as well as the ones for dev and integration are all in us-east-1


I inadvertently converted one of my solo systems to a production system by upgrading it with the production compute template. Is it OK to leave the storage stack, delete the compute stack and recreate the compute stack with the solo compute template?


Assuming this is OK since solo and production use the same storage stack template


Is there any performance benefit of pull-many vs mapping over pull ?


Pull-many will parallelize if it can; map over pull will not


Pull many is like pull in a query


thanks as always