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@bozhidar fixed by redeploying the snapshot jar. seems the previous jar was pretty much broken. not processed with MrAnderson and skinny (as not uberjar). thinking maybe we could add deployment to clojars to the Makefile and do it for snapshot versions. maybe across the board… thoughts?

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@benedek I like the idea about adding some task about this to the Makefile.


in fact there is a task already for cider-nrepl’s Makefile. don’t think that is called during the circleci build tho. will look into how to do this with circleci for snapshot versions


Yeah, there hasn’t been auto-deployment for a while now, but I’ve also stopped cutting snapshots there as it’s very annoying to constantly switch between snapshot and alpha/beta releases.


> @malabarba I see, thanks. So CIDER will always line up a param after the head symbol, even if it’s on a new line? That seems odd, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the wild. @cfleming clojure-mode assumes that every symbol without some custom indentation rules is a function, that’s why params get aligned.


Sure, but even for a function,

looks very weird to me.


(at least by default - it has several indentation modes)


ah i have not realised


maybe makes sense for refactor-nrepl, less frequent commits etc


looks like sesman can't pick up the correct repl when using clojure-cli and shadow-cljs.


CIDER cannot find my tests 😞 I've just opened a bug report with the details: