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I want to make a function that is kind of like merge-with, but recursive, i.e. if I call this function, let's call it f, like

(f + {:a {:b 1 :c 2} :b {:d 4 :e 5}} {:a {:b 3 :c 3} :b {:d 5 :e 5}})
I want the output {:a {:b 4 :c 5} :b {:d 9 :e 10}} Can specter help with that? I don't see how, but it's very possible I'm wrong.


It was not too hard to write without specter, so I doubt specter will help much either way 😛


It would be cool if transform could take several structures, like map does, and apply the function to all the elements of all the structures.


Then my function would be trivial with specter 😛